Monday, October 31, 2011

Blogger Field Trip : {long distance loving}

This week we're visiting a blogger that has inspired me to be a better, more active blogger!
Alison a.k.a. {AV} over on long distance loving is creative, beautiful, and super friendly-which helps in the blogger world!
See, I told you so!
In her own words, Alison is "blogging to find ways to love from afar and to encourage those who are braving long distance". She features stories of long distance love [here, here, here, and here]. I can really respect her stance on the difficult long distance relationship. She and her now husband did it for three years! And in case you didn't know, Ryan and I did it for 3 years as well (and I'm happy to say, we made it to the other side!).

Alison is also the host to the ever fabulous Friday's Fancies, so you know she's on top of her style game! She, like me, loves clothes so she gives us all an opportunity to meet up and share our best outfit ideas...without spending a penny! She writes guest posts about friendships, fashion and why she blogs. She even comes up with awesome event ideas like Blogger Blitz! Seriously, why wouldn't you want to read her blog? Over the last few weeks I've purchased a ticket to meet up with fellow bloggers in my area, shared my handpicked outfits on her site and have even connected with some new blogging friends!

She shares travel stories and cute Instagram photos!
  Go check out her blog and participate in her link ups....I promise you'll love it!


Bon Bon said...

Love her:-) She's such a sweetheart! Isn't blogging fun!? xoxo

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

Ashley! This post just made my night. I'm smiling from ear to ear :) thank you so so much! You are much too kind...I'm so happy to have found you in the blogger world! Can't wait to meet you in December! xoxo {av}

Ashley said...

So glad to be sharing in the blog helps to get to know new people around here :)