Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!

Happy November lovelies! Hope you're having a fun fall morning (and afternoon too). I'm feeling very scatter-brained today, so I think a random post is in order. I have a million and one things swimming around my mind and I haven't had any breakfast, only 2 cups of coffee and a few pieces of Halloween candy (when will it all be gone??), so I'm pretty hyper right now : )

I am a huge fan of holiday edition coffee creamer and get pretty excited when it shows up in the grocery store every year (I live an exciting life, I know this!). I usually get Pumpkin Pie or Peppermint Mocha but this year I'm trying something new...Warm Cinnamon Sugar Cookie. Let me tell you. It's so yummy!
I think I mentioned this before, or on Twitter, that I'm one of two judges of our office
No Shave November. It's already providing laughs, so I can only imagine how it'll be the rest of the month. Does your man participate? Do you know people who do it for fun or to donate to charity? One of our design guys sent out a flier with some funny info, including some mustache styles (we have a most creative category) that were hilarious! Similar to this...
One major part of my random swimming thoughts has to do with moving. With a recent career move for Ryan, we're looking to move to a new location (in Nashville as opposed to outside of Nashville). Only thing, we're still in a lease in our current place. We know we want to move, we're just not certain which direction we want to go or which timeline is best for us. There are a few different options and we're just having a time trying to figure it all out. Hopefully we'll come to a conclusion sooner rather than later so we're not moving around Christmas!
Speaking of Christmas...I'm itching to fill out our Christmas cards already. I would like to do a few a week and have them ready to mail around Thanksgiving. When do you fill yours out? Do you buy yours in the store or online? I love custom cards, but I want to save those cuties for when I'm married : )
How cute is this idea?
How do you display your Christmas cards?

Because I'm having one of those days, I'm assuming someone else is having one too!
Here are some fun, inspiration prints that are reminding me to do my best and to just keep moving. That's my plan for the rest of the day : )




Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my word! That Coffee Mate sounds out of this world. I am off to the store on a mad hunt for it now!


Amber said...

I love Christmas as well and have been looking online at all the cute designs. It's getting harder and harder to choose because there are so many adorable choices. If you would like you should sign up for the Blogger Card Swap I'm hosting this year. I'm hoping it will be a great way to meet new blogger friends and spread a little Christmas cheer.

Katie said...

We're itching to move too. Our HOA and the tax credit deal require us to live there 3 years before we can move (or we have to pay back the $8k tax credit). End of this month we'll be here two years, but we're to the point where we may just suck it up and eat the $8k just to go sooner. I LOVE those Christmas card display ideas! I bought our Christmas cards this weekend. Found some adorable ones at HomeGoods for $5 (pack of 20). Last year I bought photo cards from Shutterfly, and for years I made my own. I just don't have the time or energy anymore though. I'm going to try and fill them all out in time to send the day after Thanksgiving! best of luck to you!

Stacie @ Jame said...

I found you through followers fest! What a beautiful blog. I have a Christmas series going on with a Christmas post a day for 50 days and it just started! You should check it out!



The Arizona Russums said...

ummm...everything on here makes me so HAPPY!

MacKensie said...

Oh man I can't wait to try that coffee creamer. It sounds amazing. Those inspirational quotes definitely helped put a smile on my face today!


meghan said...

I am a HUGE fan of the holiday creamer - and I'm currently drinking the good ol' Gingerbread Latte coffee mate (w/ coffee, of course!).

I saw you're attending the Blogger Blitz in December! That's a travel day for me, so unfortunately I won't be there, but I'd love to do something else to get to know Nashville bloggers!

megs [at] Shine On

Ashley said...

Alright guys, we put our notice in to move! The first big step is out of the way...can't wait for our next step :)