Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Recap~Halloween Weekend

Happy Halloween!!
Holy cow! There have been so many great Halloween weekend recaps today! I've seen everything from a homemade S'mores costumes, crazy pimp outfits (with aquarium shoes!)--in my office, to Pope John the Perverted! It's been a whirlwind day at work already too. Waking up late on a Monday is never fun, but at least once I got to work I was greeted by lots of fun costumes :)

We spent this past weekend in Nashville. We visited with Ryan's parents and caught up with our friends. On Saturday we worked on restoring the old fan and got most of the work done on it
(more on that later!).
Our pup hanging out in the shop with us while we worked on the fan :)
It was SO nice outside on Saturday--we had to do something outside, there was no way I was wasting the day! After lots of debate on what to do, Ryan brought up the Narrows of the Harpeth. I had never been there so we decided that a drive out to the country and a mini-hike would be perfect! I did pull a huge (HUGE) dummy move on Friday...I forgot my camera at home. It was just far enough away to be too far to go and get it. I depended on my iPhone for pictures all weekend. That wasn't fun : (
The view on the drive out.
Such a pretty area!
When we got to the Narrows we decided to just leave our phones in the car and enjoy each other and the great outdoors, so I didn't take any pictures while we were there. I nabbed these two from Google images so you could at least get a feel for the amazingness that was our adventure on Saturday. The view was BEAUTIFUL and it's absolutely the best time of year to go. The trees were gorgeous and the weather was perfect. If you live in the Nashville area you need to go.
Go. Now. Before you miss the tress and the fall weather : )
Imagine Ryan and I sitting there :)
This is the view from the little seat that they are sitting on in the pic above!
The trees are even prettier now because of the great fall colors!

Saturday night we got a bunch of our friends together for dinner at the never disappointing Loveless cafe. Then we went to freeze our booties off stand in line to walk through a section of the local woods dubbed the Haunted Woods. It was only $5 for each of us and it was well worth it, as scared my pants off! Naturally the boys made me go through everything first, so I was freaked out the most. We decided not to dress up this year...none of our friends were serious about dressing up either, so we just got everyone together to hang out. Board games, yummy drinks and a fire is how we spent our Saturday night.

Sunday was spent hanging out, finishing the fan completely and just relaxing before the week started. Gotta love Sundays! : )

Total sidebar here, but can you believe that we now have 7 BILLION people on this earth? It's blowing my mind...I feel excitement and nervousness at the same time. It seems like an incredible accomplishment and an incredible threat, considering the state of some parts of the world and our resources.
Check out National Geographic special series on the world reaching 7 billion people, it's interesting.

P.s. What's your opinion on comment replies? I tend to enjoy responding via email so that I'm sure the response is received by the person who leaves the comment, but others respond strictly on the actual blog post. Is there a general consensus? Is it bad if I don't respond in the comment box as well? I might be over thinking this.....


Fashion Meets Food said...

Beautiful pictures! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Love your blog and I am your newest follower.


Ashley said...

I can't wait to go back and get some of my own pictures. It really was a treat to be without a phone for a bit though. I'm sure I'm worse than most people, because I have my phone all of the time. By boy loves it when I leave it behind :)