Monday, November 21, 2011

Recipe Time! Chicken Lasagna Rolls

Remember the awesome looking recipe that I talked about yesterday?
Well, after reviewing a few recipes, I combines a few to create my own! I thought they were delicious so I will share my chicken lasagna roll up creation : )

What you'll need:
3 Cups of cooked chicken
1/2 Box of chopped spinach*
1 Cup of ricotta cheese**
1/4 Cup of milk
1/2 Cup of Parmesan cheese
1/8 Teaspoon pepper
8 Lasagna noodles
1 Jar of pasta sauce
[I used a small amount of basil pesto in my mix too, but it's optional!]

1 Baking dish

*I used the frozen kind and thawed it a while before I started
**I was out, so I mixed 3/4 a cup of sour cream with 1/4 shredded Italian cheese blend. It works, but the flavor would have been SO much better with the ricotta cheese. Don't forget it at the store like I did!

First things first, preheat your oven to 375°

I would suggest cooking your chicken and lasagna noodles at the same time (but not together!). And just in case you're not good at remembering noodle cooking times....

Once you have the noodles ready (drained and dry), go ahead and spread about a cup of the pasta sauce on the bottom of your baking pan.
I used Classico!
Once you've done that, mix the chicken, cheeses, milk, pepper, and 1/2 box of spinach together. 
This is the mix, before I added the chicken.

While you don't have to use the spinach, it does help to "beef" up the recipe a bit to make it healthier and more filling.

Next, you'll spread about 1/2 cup of your chicken/cheese mixture onto each noodle, and then you'll roll them up. It was easiest to start the roll around one piece of chicken and then just keep rolling from there. Sorry, no picture of this was a little messy!
[Don't overfill them! The 1/2 cup was just enough once we started eating them.]

After you roll them up, place them seam side down in the sauce. Repeat for all 8.

The last step is to cover them all with the leftover pasta sauce. You could also add cheese on top if you'd like : )

Cover and bake these bad boys for about 30 minutes.  Then serve with a salad and an extra sprinkle of parmesean cheese. Enjoy!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

My mouth is seriously watering!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my word! How delish does this look! I am definitely going to have to give this recipe a try! xo

Kelly | Eat Yourself Skinny said...

How funny we did similar recipes, yours look SO good! Love the addition of chicken! :)

Melissa Blake said...

oooh, those look delicious! xoxo