Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday~Elbow Patches

Happy Thur-Tuesday! I only have one more day of work to get through after today, so it's like it's already Thursday! [Insert happy dance!] I am so beyond excited about Thanksgiving, seeing special people, doing some holiday shopping and just RELAXING : )

Speaking of relaxing, I've fallen in love with elbow patches! I think they can dress up a relaxed shirt or just make a put together look appear even classier.
Photos via Pinterest
 What do you think? Check out these options...they're so affordable that you could try one out to see what you think!
BDG Striped Elbow Patch Sweatshirt
Found here for $30.00
Confess Sweater, Marled Knit Elbow Patch
Found here for $23.99 [SALE!]
Found here for $23.00
Patch Purl Knit Sweater
Found here for $17.80
Found here for $23.00
Lean On Me Striped Dress
Found here for $38.00


Miss Chelsea said...

love love love elbow patches. So glad you posted this, I've been on the hunt for a cheap version!

Sarah said...


Loving the blog - now following too (and I just made chicken lasagna rolls for the first time last week, totally wish I'd seen your blog before I did as they look tastier than the ones I made!!!).

I'm in love with the elbow patch trend. On anything and everything! Especially love the nautical-ish red and white stripy cardigan you posted. Beautiful!



MacKensie said...

How cute!!



Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Way cute! I'm loving elbow patches, although I don't anything with them. I'll have to change that!

jessica said...

I totally agree, I'm loving the look of elbow patches!

Ken said...

u have a lovely site! i am a new follower


Ashley said...

Thanks for checking the elbow patches out everybody! You'll have to share with us if you get a shirt with them...I love hearing reviews before I buy!