Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine was fun and very relaxing. Friday was full of a lot of nothing....except a trip to Sweet Cece's and the bookstore. My favorite mellow date :)

While my plans for a mini-blogger meet up fell through, Saturday WAS filled with sunshine and great weather (oh yea, and a blogger award)! I went to see Breaking Dawn and actually enjoyed most of it.
I did hear mixed reviews all throughout Friday and Saturday morning, but I went in with no expectations. I thought the scenes from the book were played out well! Some people said that it was silly and wasn't worth the money. I think that people need to remember that while it's a mainstream movie, it's based on books.About vampires. Enough said?
[Caution: the end of the movie is very graphic and if you have a weak stomach, be prepared to cover your eyes. I wish someone had told me I would be in for a ride towards the end. Here's your warning :)]

After movie watching and hanging out with Ryan's parents, we headed back home for a relaxing evening filled with catching up on our DVR'd shows and lots of wine. 
The back of my wine bottle. Love it!

 Did anyone else catch Jason Segel on SNL? It was great! Florence & the Machine were the musical guests, so I was super happy with the show. 
Anyone else love Paul Rudd?? I love them both, especially when they act together!

Today was really, really productive--we cleaned the whole apartment, did all of the 100 loads of laundry, and even got our grocery shopping out of the way, all by 2:30! That left me plenty of time to try out a new recipe....
Now I'm ready to get comfy and watch some Sunday night television. Does anyone watch The Walking Dead? If not, you should. I promise it's good : )

Happy Sunday night!

P.s. This past week's Blogger Field Trip will be the last one of 2011! Tomorrow I will post a holiday gift guide, so swing back by to check out the goodies!


(Eileen) a creative day said...

Such a fun weekend, sounds like mine, just so relaxing. Def the best kind of weekends for sure :-)

so glad you stopped by a creative day, it let me find your precious blog!!


Arielle said...

I loved last night's episode of SNL! That skit is so hilarious! :)


Ivana said...

SOunds like you had an amazing weekend :) I can´t wait to see the movie, and that recipe looks beyond delicious!

Happy Monday from your new follower :)

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Style in the City

Ashley said...

It really was a fun weekend :) Lots of relaxing to get ready for the busy holiday schedule coming up!

Happy Monday ladies!