Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ramble On...

If it was ever the right time to ramble, it's now...I am SO in the mood to relax and just put all of my thoughts in one place. Hence I have a BLOG! haha Here's what's been on my mind lately...
Planning a wedding = stress, right? I expected that. What I didn't expect? Major (like, SUPER major) heartburn. I have been so uncomfortable lately, all because of the stress. I am trying not to let it have a negative effect on me. Hoping it goes away the closer we get to the wedding! *Fingers Crossed*

I haven't been able to find the PERFECT wedding shoes in Ryan talked me into ordering a few of my favorite pairs online. Which I never EVER do. I hate ordering shoes online. The good news is I LOVE both pairs :) Now, to just make up my mind.

Speaking of shoes...since having ankle surgery last November, I haven't really been able to wear heels or high (3+ inch) wedges. I've been working my way up to my regular shoes (I even had to buy kitten wedges haha) and I'm finally back into my regular wedges!! I still take flats to work with me just in case my ankle starts to hurt, but I'm so excited to be back in my regular shoes. This means my ankle will definitely feel up to the task of walking in pretty and high shoes for the wedding!

I feel terrible about finding someone to do my wedding hair. That sh*t is expensive, and I just don't think it's worth it to pay someone $100 to do what I can do. I just want someone to do my hair while I sit an relax the morning of my wedding, but paying that much isn't relaxing to me. Anyone know of a good wedding hair person in Nashville that doesn't cost a small fortune? I'm looking for myself and at least one other bridesmaid. (And yes, this makes me seem cheap. Guess what? I am cheap! It doesn't hurt me when I try to save money.) 

I've been trying to determine what makeup I'll need for the wedding (to have a good photo-ready look), but since I don't wear much to begin with, I've had a hard time figuring out where to start. I only wear eye makeup, blush, and maybe some concealer and/or primer when I need it. I've only figured a little bit out so far...I'm definitely going to wear a good primer (photo finish Smashbox), and a good concealer for under my eyes (leaning towards Erase Paste). I've still got a long way to go it seems :) Any suggestions or wedding day makeup pointers are welcome!

I finally get to cash in on one of my favorite Christmas presents next Monday---laser hair removal for my legs! I can't wait to not have to shave my legs, especially with the honeymoon coming up. 

I know everyone else is loving Jennifer Lawrence as much as I am, but I've had a major crush on her for a long time. I am so excited to see her finally hit the mainstream and to be getting so much love!

I've had a terrible case of the Mondays this week, especially today. It seems like every thing I try to do turns out wrong or backwards, etc. I just can't get ahead and I don't enjoy that feeling. Since it's been such a long week, I was ridiculously happy to hear that Ryan wanted to grill out for dinner tonight and that our friends were getting together for trivia. The day really started looking up after work. Except after dinner I put my comfy clothes on and got sleepy. and here I am on the couch, folding laundry, catching up on PLL and blogging. I can't complain because I'm finally feeling relaxed. Thank the heavens!

Remember this post? It's probably the best pep talk advice I've ever given myself and I'm glad I blogged about it. It's a really nice post to go back a revisit. Those words helped me get past something that I am SO GLAD to be past. I'm so much happier now because I decided to let myself change what wasn't making me happy. Thank goodness for having the freedom to make my own choices (and the guts to change)!

Talk about making good choices...I've tried so hard lately to NOT each junk food. I've made some changes and I've cut down on my bad-food intake, but I just can't seem to kick it all together. What's wrong with me?!!? haha I just love a good snack, I guess... :(

We kinda-sorta inherited Ryan's grandmother's china cabinet/hutch and I can't wait to re-do it with Ryan! I think we are going to do an all white makeover, similar to this, this, and this. Thoughts? Have you ever redone a hutch?
Alright, alright. That's it for today! If you made it this far, I hope you have a great day! :)


Dara said...

if I ever feel like I'm acting cheap I remind myself it's not cheap, it's frugal!

Nichole said...

My mom actually does hair in Smyrna. I'm not sure where in Nashville you are getting married? But Smyrna is not too far. Also I got my makeup done by a girl from MAC who came to me (I think it was &75) I never thought I would pay that much, but I did NOT want to worry about anything on the day of, so I gave in and accepted the expensive pampering :) Let me know if you're interested in calling my mom (I'm not sure how much she charges for wedding hair, but I know she does trial runs and stuff) Good luck :)