Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Wedding Wednesday} Shoes!

Happy Wednesday ladies! Did y'all stay up late to watch election results? It's been a whirlwind the last few days with all of the election coverage!
  Don't worry, I'm not here to write about politics today--I'm sharing another Wedding Wednesday post with you! This week it's all about shoes {specifically for the bride--me}! 
Because of the length of my dress, the material of my dress, and the color of my dress it's been somewhat challenging to find the perfect pair of shoes.
Not to mention that it's an outdoor wedding, so no high heels for this girl!
I am one of those girls who loves when a photographer captures a great photo with the bride and her shoes (whether it be by herself, with her bridesmaids, or with the groom), so the shoes are important to me! 
 Check out these sweet shots...
 See what I mean?
 Not only are the shoes important in the photos, they also add to the overall feel for the bride! I feel like a princess in my wedding dress, and I expect to feel the same way about my shoes.
I think I've narrowed my ideas down to these four options:
Sparkly sandals with little or no heel.
Flats with good detail (nothing too plain).
A not-too-tall wedge in a navy or a grey with a little detail.
Cowboy boots (I already own).
Here are a few examples of what I've had my eye on:
I LOVE the detail on this shoe--I'm trying to find a similar style in a wedge.
Aren't these gorgeous? I would like them better in silver or a cream, instead of gold.
I absolutely LOVE these, but I think the height is too much.
Relaxed Steve Madden sandals...
My FAVORITE pair...aren't they gorgeous!? Kate Spade, of course!
Thoughts? I know it's tough picking a pair without knowing what the dress looks like, but I think any of the above would well. Wish me luck with finding the perfect pair!

P.s. I'm hosting a link up today with Mary at {A Happy Wife in New Orleans} for Wedding Wednesday posts! Swing by and check out all the wedding posts and make a few new friends!


Jennifer said...

The first pair and that last pair are my faves!

Cocalores said...

The Kade Spade sandals and the last pair are my favorites. I think it's a good idea not to choose a classic white wedding shoe because you'll wear them after your wedding and remember your special day!

Caitlin A said...

The last pair of Kate Spades is my personal favorite! Good luck choosing one from all those pretties!