Friday, December 7, 2012

Here's to the weird ones {Friday's Letters}

Friday's Letters...a place to freely express my love for people watching and my dislike of being colder inside a Starbucks than outside in the December weather.
And on that note...
Dear Starbucks, Thanks for providing endless amusement today while I work. It was fun watching the lady drink her coffee at an outside table while she talked to her cat (who was chilling in it's cat carrier...on the table). It was also fun watching the guy eat a 6 pack of cupcakes from the Kroger next door. Bright blue icing really becomes you.

Dear The 30 Guys At Starbucks Today, Why do you all order girly iced coffees? That's weird.

Dear Best Friend, Thanks for also providing me with some hi-larious visuals of Mr. Ian Somerhalder. I have to admit that he is pretty lickable. I fully support your goal of winning a gold medal at the next Olympics. I believe in you!!

Dear Doctor, Bless you for saying I can attempt to wear a REAL shoe on my right foot in a short 2 weeks. Christmas miracle?? I am SO ready to wear a matching pair of shoes with my Christmas dress.
Dear Fingernails, You make me happy when skies are grey. Having a party nail is the best. Having a party nail AND sparkles is the recipe for a fun day of typing. {Who doesn't want to stare at pretty nails while they work?}
Dear Weekend, You really kept us waiting this week, didn't you? Quit playing games with my heart. 

Dear Christmas Season, You rock. I love your movies and your music. One of my favorite things ever is hearing the boy sing. And hearing him sing Christmas songs? MELT MY HEART.

Dear Too-Small Apartment, We're breaking up with you. And we're doing it right before Christmas so we don't have to buy you a present or see your for NYE. #Boom

Dear Pup, You have been the sweetest, cutest pup ever lately. I love it!
Dear New Home, We can't wait to move in. We are dreaming of you day and night. And we're even dreaming of our summer plans with you. Is it too early? Oh well, 'cause we know we're going to be together for a long time!
Dear Ryan, Thank you for being amazing and for putting up with my Christmas shenanigans, constant moving talk, wedding craziness, and for being excited to build things for us. You rock my Christmas socks!
He's my favorite :)
Dear Everyone Else, I can't believe I get to entertain 300 of you!! Thanks for hitting the follow button and for putting up with my erratic posting, outfit photos, and constant instagram photo overload. You rock my Christmas socks too!
Happy Weekend!
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Rachel said...

haha--sometimes the prettiness of my nails can distract me from work and make me happy just to look at them, too! Not at the moment, nails are pretty bad right now!