Monday, December 10, 2012

A Day In The Life...Weekend Edition

I'm taking the lead from Erin over at Living In Yellow to share a day in my life through nothing but photos. I didn't instagram them so that they are as real as possible :) What does a day in your life look like?
Doesn't this look like a dress? Hahaha
His blanket (really a beach towel) is his favorite thing!
It was storming when we woke up, so I turned on some
Christmas music to help ease into the day.

Who else likes ketchup on their eggs??
Gotta love Bath & Body Works winter candles!
The Boys :)
Working on an Etsy order.
More work...
Perusing the cookie aisle at Kroger...I didn't buy any.
What I did buy at Kroger.
Dinner and PLL.
Wine of the weekend. One of my favorites.
Late night Christmas shopping.
What did you do this weekend?? I only left the house once to take a redbox back and grab a snack/junk from Kroger to eat for dinner since the boy wasn't home for the night. I really live a glamorous life, no?
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Cocalores said...

Your dog is adorable! I just love how dogs snuggle into their blankets! And no ketchup for me, please!

Helene said...

haha I eat strange things sometime too! haha
Helene in Between

Kerrie said...

oh man. I love bagel bites :)