Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Coverage

You might have been put off my the title of this post....
A BLOGGER covering the election right on her blog?
Well, don't worry, I'm posting a different kind of election day coverage...the type you wear out to the polls to vote! 
 Since I'm stuck in my cast and unable to wear jeans or boots, much less a matching pair of boots, I thought I'd put together an outfit that would resemble the outfit I might have worn today had I been able to dress up like a normal person.
Tee // Sweater // Scarf // Jeans // Boots // Purse
What are you wearing today? 
Are you having an election watch party? We are having a girls dinner and Pinterest party for the first part of the night. I'll be home right after in order to watch the election coverage. I can't wait! 
Hopefully y'all are just as excited!

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Jennifer said...

Hey I am new to your blog from the wedding link up!