Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So What Wednesday

I'm back to doing a short but fun post today!
I'm linking up with Shannon over on Life After I 'Dew' for So What Wednesday.
So, here's what I have to say [So What] to today...

So What--if I kinda sort like the idea of a 2-in-1 wedding dress?

So What--if my job makes me nervous. It's really teaching me that pretty much anything could happen, but life would still go on!

So What--if I already want to make a semi-major change in wedding plans. I just don't think the date we were trying to set is right.

So What--if I listen to the same playlist on Spotify at work. [It's 38 songs by my favorite guys--Amos, John, Jack, Tom, Ray, Mumford and Sons, and Kings of Leon--it gets me through the day.]

So What--if I want to hire a friend of a friend to sing my favorite Amos, Jack, John, and Ray songs at my reception. It makes my heart flutter when I think about having a sweet voice playing live for me to dance to on the happiest day of my life!

So What--if I can't stop thinking about the wedding! : )

So What--if I have only had 2 drinks this week so far. I can take a break every now and then!

So What--if I'm excited about blogging this's time to get my butt in gear around here!

So What--if I'm jealous of everyone I know going to CMA fest....AND all of the bloggers coming to town to go. Boo!

So What--if I couldn't keep up with the #PhotoADay challenges in the past. I'm killin' it this month.
Here's the list, in case you want to join in!
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Sami said...

I kind of love the idea of a 2 in 1 dress too! I've seen some amazing ones! Bummer that you are not feeling great about the date you picked.. I hope it works out soon :)

Katie said...

We were constantly making changes to our wedding plans. We went from a Fall wedding to a winter wedding to a spring wedding. We went from a cocktail hour reception to a traditional sit down. We changed color schemed like, five times. It happens. No big. It will all work out!

Anonymous said...

hi there!!! i saw your guest post on the daily tay and i am zoo happy she introduced you to us! love your blog! its sweet and simple and i think you may be my new have person to stalk ;)

Jillzy said...

that 2-in-1 wedding dress is a very cool idea! go for it!

The Pink Growl said...

I'm so jealous of the people going to CMA fest too!! i wish I could have gone! And it's your wedding so do whatever you want sister! Change that date if it best suits you and your honey! When are you thinking?