Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Drop Earrings [Thrifty Tuesday]

In attempt to get back to my 'normal' blogging life, I am showing one of my favorite type of posts a little love. It's time to welcome back the Thrifty Tuesday post! I have decided to switch up the format of my Thrifty Tuesday posts in order to keep it interesting. I've done similar item themed TT posts, I've done This or That TT postsstore themed TT postscomplete outfit TT posts, and now I'm doing a Splurge/Steal version.

[If you're feeling generous you should let me know which style you like best, for future posts]

Lately I have been lusting over the perfect pair of earrings. I am guilty of finding a really good pair and sticking to them. I usually go for a great pair of studs or something small and simple [hence my excitement over these beauties].

I see drop style earrings everywhere and I'm working on finding the perfect pair for me! Here are a few of my favorite ones right now--Thrifty Tuesday style!
Box 1 [1//2//3//4] Box 2 [1//2//3//4] Box 3 [1//2]
I think my favorites are the pink drop earrings from box 1 or the blue drop earrings from box 3. I would definitely wear any of these if given the choice though.

Which pair would you wear? Or, do you already have an awesome pair that you love?
Spill the beans!
P.s. Be sure to stop by The Daily Tay today where I'm guest posting on HER blog : ) And leave her some love 'cause she's having a rough day!


Nicole Marie said...

i've been wearing so many earrings lately... i love them

kayla said...

I don't wear earrings that often...but I love all of those! So pretty! :)

The Pink Growl said...

I saw your guest post on Taylor's blog - you are too cute!

Dana @five30three said...

I love you and Taylor so the two of you guest posting for each other was such a fun treat!

I am obsessed with earrings. Seriously, obsessed. I like the blue "in between" ones you showed. They look a lot like a pair I have from Stella & Dot - The Serenity Small Stone drop earrings. The S&D pair are a bit more pricey, but their line is made with stainless and surgical steel, which I need for my sensitive skin!

This post was so fun. Do more!!!