Thursday, June 7, 2012

Coffee Date [Let's Catch Up]

It hit me yesterday that not only have I not blogged regularly over the last few months [I'm working on it!], but I also haven't updated you ladies on my IRL [in real life] happenings! Well, today will be the end of that!
**Insert picture overload warning here!**

So, grab a cup of coffee and spend a little time with me
taking a walk down our recent memory lane!

The last time I shared the recent happenings was right before March Madness in New Orleans.....but before I tell you about that I'll have to rewind to a
few weeks before that--St. Patty's day!
Right before St. Patty's day we welcomed a new baby to the family!
The pup wanted to celebrate!
The girls came to town to celebrate the green holiday in Nashville for the first time! Man, did we have an awesome time! It was also the weekend that the boys went to Chicago, so it was a legit girl's weekend.

Next in line--New Orleans! While the Cards didn't bring home the NCAA Championship trophy, they made an A+ effort! Plus, we had an awesome time while there cheering them on!
Well wishes at work, before I hit the road!

The boy and I, out with friends the night before.
We picked up a friend/stayed with him on the way down.
We made it!
Our amazing seats! (Believe me, for the price, they were amazing!)
Our Nawlins group!
Pat O'Briens for dinner.
Oh, you know, just hanging out with one of our fav UofL players!
Running into old friends from Louisville!

Finally, after many trips to Nola, I finally made it here!
French quarter for some shopping and lunch!
St. Louie cathedral!
Dinner at the Camellia Grill was SO delicious! Try it!
Any place that carries Abita Strawberry is at the top of my list..
Especially when it's ACME Oyster!
We grabbed a famous muffuletta for the trip home. Best. Sandwich. EVER.
That's it for today! I have plenty to catch you up on,
so tune in for another Coffee Date next week!


Amanda said...

Awesome recap! Now you're making me hungry for some beignets! (Did I even spell that correctly?) Happy Thursday!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. that bow tie is killing me! I'm not familiar with this muffuletta, but I want it.

Miss Chelsea said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I've never been to New Orleans, I wanna go though

Anonymous said...

New Orleans is amazing fun! The food there is even more amazing! Glad you had a good time!