Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday~Outerwear

I don't know about you, but the weather around here has been changing a lot lately! This past weekend was pretty warm, but yesterday and today have been super cold (again). While I don't exactly welcome the cooler temps and random spits of flurries, it IS nice to finally break out the warm coats, cozy scarfs and gloves! So, this week's thrifty Tuesday is all about cute outerwear--all for less than $50!

Funnel-Neck Cape Coat
Found here for $39.99

Bwear by Byer Belted Capelet
Found here for $39.99

Chime Double Breasted Coat
Found here for $39.99

Bwear by Byer Tweed Coat
Found here for $39.99

Novelty Button Military Coat
Found here for $39.99

Wool Coat
Found here for $47.00

Bwear by Byer Dbl Breasted
Found here for $39.99

XOXO Textured Dbl Breasted Coat
Found here for $39.99
Colorplay Winter Glove, Ruffle Tech
Found here for $18.99

Pins and Needles Pinwheel Knit Glove
Found here for $20.00

Tulle Clothing Glove of Your Life
Found here for $15.00
Heading Downtown Gloves
Found here for $20.00
Glove Story
Found here for $20.00

Camel Wavy Edge Scarf
Found here for $15.00

Rose/Cream Aztec Scarf
Found here for $17.00

H&M Scarf
Found here for $11.00

Cable Knit Scarf
Found here for $20.00

H&M Scarf
Found here for $16.00

Have you purchased any new outerwear this year? While I do have one good/quality coat, I love to switch it up every year, so I look for great deals on stylish pieces that I know I can switch around after each winter!

P.s. You can see more affordable scarfs [here]!


Miss Chelsea said...

Ooh love this post. I'm a coat addict I think... but hey atleast it's practical

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I love fall... I love jackets... OOOO this is a mouth watering post.

Melina said...

Oh I LOVE the first coat and the tweed one... I can't believe those prices either! Great finds!

xx Melina
.but i like it.

Hollie Ann said...

oooooooo! that red coat is super darling!!!

Mo Pie, Please said...

So many great scarves and jackets and gloves! I love warm and fuzzy accessories :)

All Glam Things said...

Wow! Amazing Selection and such a great prices!! Im impressed!! I'm totally loving your blog! I 'd love if you visited my blog for multiple posts on all things fashion and style. I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same. Thanks so much.

Leslie said...

LOVE the winter white coat - what AMAZING prices! Thanks for sharing!

the girl in the red shoes said...

That red coat is ADORABLE! In fact, I love all of these finds!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...
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Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Thanks ladies! I'm so glad you all like these pieces!

Ashley said...

I bought a black Wool Kenneth Cole peacoat this year, my old one was just a little too grubby looking! Loooove some of these.

Hannah said...

OMG so many beautiful and affordable scarfs... I'm in love! Great post! xo

Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

Morlee said...

Those red gloves are fantastic!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Oh my word the gloves with the bows on them are way too cute!!! xo

mackenzie said...

Great outerwear! I have a feeling I am going to be spending so much money on outerwear for kids.