Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday~Fall Dresses

Last week we looked at boots...gosh, I love boots! I would seriously wear them everyday and have about a thousand pairs if money grew on trees I could. Who doesn't like to show off a great new pair? Especially with a great dress! I love wearing dresses, especially in the fall with tights+boots or a cardi+belt. 
Here are some cute and affordable fall dresses. Each could be paired with a cardigan before it gets too cold and then you could add tights and boots or booties to keep you toasty when it starts to get really cold.
Pointe Fit & Flare Dress
Found here for $27.80
Satin Shirt Dress with Drawstring
Found here for $28.99
Merona Fairisle Sweater Dress
Found here for $29.99

Full Tilt Belted Dress
Found here for $17.97
Spotted Print Dress
Found here for $19.80

Slit Neck Lace Print Sheath Dress With Belt
Found here for $32.50
Paisley Flutter Chiffon Dress
Found here for $32.50
I'm pretty sure that I could live the rest of my life with a good supply of boots, dresses and a handful of cardigans. What items do you think you could survive on?


Fashion Meets Food said...

Loving these dresses! I definitely agree with you if I had a good supply of boots, dresses a couple cardigans and some leggings and tights I would be good to go. xo

Ashley said...

I actually got lucky and found a really cute dress at Target last night for less than $7! They have a bunch of cuties in their clearance right now :)