Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weekend Recap ~ Everything Fall!

I've been putting off my weekend recap post for the last few days because my favorite pictures are in my locked away iPhone files. After several attempts to gain access to those files, I finally decided to give up hope for the time being. I will us the photos that I took with my normal camera and leave the others out (boo).
BUT on a positive note, at least I have these other photos!

My aunt, Mary, came into town this past weekend and we did lots of fall things that I've been waiting to do : ) I left work early on Friday and she got into town around lunch time. First things first, we went shopping! Naturally, I'm going to take advantage of having a girl around! We mainly shopped at GAP, Forever 21 and Marshall's. I found a cute pair of flats at GAP but I really hit the jackpot at Forever 21. They had all of their clearance Buy One Get One Free...I knew that the B1G1 sale was going on, but I wasn't very excited before I got there. Let's just say that I quickly changed my mind once I saw that the items on sale weren't your typical
thrown-to-the-side, left-over-from-last-season kinda clearance--it was loads of fall sweaters, cute jackets, and a ton of cute tops. Needless to say, I spent forever (no pun intended) trying sweater after sweater on. I finally decided on 6 sweaters, a sweater dress and a long sleeve shirt. I threw in a pair of sunglasses and some earrings (regular price) and still only spent around $60. I think I'm set for sweaters this season : )

Saturday was beautiful! We went to a local harvest festival and then took Mary to the downtown square area to show her around.
Someone had a peppermint in their mouth during this picture!
One of my new sweaters ;)
There was a book rummage-sale.
I've been looking for an old fan to restore for a while now and while we were walking around the square we finally found the one for us in a little ol' shop! Most old fans that we've seen have been in the $75-$90 range, which just wasn't for us. We waited it out and found a really good deal! The fan was priced at a mere $20 (!!!) and Ryan managed to talk the guy down to just $10! I couldn't believe it! We've cleaned it up and Ryan has un-mucked the motor so it will actually work. I plan on sanding and painting it this weekend. Can't wait to see the final result!
After that we finally got to pick pumpkins out! We went to a local nursery and picked out our favorites (yes, I picked 2 so I could carve one for my pup!), along with a jug of apple cider. Yes, I love fall and I love going all out.
 While my aunt was here she made the most delicious pot of chili for us! It was so nice to have the home cooking come to us in TN : ) We carved our pumpkins and enjoyed some more homemade food cheesecake and pumpkin roll....and hot apple cider! Hahaha We were all ready for bed early that night after a long day and lots of yummy food.
Mary's, Ryan's, Mine and Tiger's pumpkins!
Late Saturday night we were invited to the TN Titans game on Sunday. Naturally, we jumped at the chance to go! Little did we know, the seats were phenomenal! We had a great view and were able to watch the terrible game up close and personal. Hahaha The team played terribly, but it was still fun to see the team play and hang out with our friends, Mike and Julie.
Thanks for having us, Mike and Julie!

They had boy and girls lines....which I learned after I already stood through
one line! Super frustrating, because I missed Luke Bryan singing the
national anthem while standing in line.
Our view from the amazing seats.
Great day for football!
They had pink breast cancer awareness posters on each seat...great job!
I know it's a little late, but I hope everyone had a great weekend!
The weekend is almost here again!

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