Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 Day Challenge~8 Fears

Today is the day that I get to share my here goes!

1.) I have always been scared that I won't be a good parent.

2.) I am terribly, deathly, insanely scared of bugs that I can't see..and some I can (fleas, ticks, lice, bed bugs, etc.), but I do try to control it.

3.) Being successful--I am always thinking/wondering about my career. Will I love it forever? Will I reach my goals?

4.) Motorcycle accidents. Ryan rides and the thought of any motorcycle accident makes me ill, but most especially if he's on the road :(

5.) Losing those that I love.

6.) I fear that I don't have good enough life goals. I know that I make up my own rules for my own life, but I hope I live a fulfilling life :)

7.) Hurting others. I am harsh sometimes (mostly because I expect a lot from people-but usually because I know they have it in them!), so I fear that I go too far too often.

8.) Financial security. With my career worries I also worry about always being financially secure. I try my hardest but you never know what could happen!

On a lighter note--it's GAMEDAY! Let's go C-A-R-D-S!

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