Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Day Challenge~6 Places

Happy Labor Day weekend! I am enjoying a beautiful Saturday that has already been filled with a yummy french toast breakfast inspired by Jenni over at Story Of My Life. Now onto a day filled with crafty fun, photo editing (round 1) and lots of sunshine! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!

1.) Home. I love being home with Ryan and our pup. My absolute favorite place :)

2.) Louisville-This city will always be my heart's "hometown". I grew up/into an adult the most while I was there and it always felt like the true starting point of my life. Not to mention all of my best friends and most of my favorite memories live there :)

3.) Nashville-My home away from home. I love getting to know this city and can really see myself planting my roots here. I'm excited about the future!

4.) Asheville, NC-This is my absolute favorite place that I've ever traveled to. I remember how cute the town was and I really enjoyed the scenery. The Grove Park Inn is AMAZING as well. I would love to go there again in the near future.

5.) Savannah, GA/Charlotte, NC-One of these two places is where I want to go on my next vacation. I love their southern charm and it would be so fun to visit the historic neighborhoods as well as try out some great restaurants!

6.) Chicago-The best city to visit any time of year! It's so pretty in the fall/winter and it's a blast in the spring/summer months. Not to mention all of the yummy food and shopping a person could ask for on top of all of the great museums!


Katie said...

We're going to Asheville in October- any tips?
LOL I live in the Chicago area, and could not disagree more! Winters here are horrific and so stinking long, summers are sweltering, Spring and Fall are almost non existent.

Ashley said...

Have you ever been to the Biltmore Estate? It's great, especially in the fall (it's terrible in the summer with the heat). Beautiful grounds, a winery, and loads of great views!

I spent summers in Chicago with my grandparents as a kid and do remember it being hot, but that's the case for me in the KY/TN area too. The past few times I've been, it's been when the weather was nice. I do want to spend some time there close to Christmas in the near future. I think the weather doesn't seem as bad to me because I don't have to be there all the time, like you do. :)