Monday, September 5, 2011

10 Day Challenge~5 Foods/4 Books

Hey there! I decided to skip yesterday's post because I was busy with some photo taking, some traveling and some family/friend time--so, I'm going to post my 5 Foods and 4 Books posts together today :)

5 Foods--My Favorites
1.) Mac and cheese! I love homemade, creamy, thick mac and cheese but I also love a good box of Velveeta shells and cheese too (which Ryan is making riiiight this second :)).

2.) Chicken and dumplings. Oh man, my aunt makes the most amazing chicken and dumplings and I can say mine aren't too far off!

3.) Anything that Ryan cooks is amazing...he's creative and loves to try new/different things that I probably wouldn't try.

4.) Ice cream/frozen yogurt. This should really be #1...I love it so much and could live on it alone. It's terrible how much I love sweets.

5.) Sushi. I crave it all of the's so good and there are so many different kinds!

4 Books
1.) I'm currently reading The Help and I can't wait to finish so I can see the movie!

2.) The Hunger Games-I am excited about reading those books next. I hear that they're really good (even though I don't usually go for that type of book).

3.) Heaven, by V.C. Andrews-Although I've been called 'dark hearted' for reading her books before, I love them anyways! I love that her books are a little bizarre and Heaven is a great read (as well as the rest of the series).

4.) I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell-Tucker Max. This book is the. funniest. book. ever. I remember the first time I read it and I remember random stories all of the time (free laughs!).

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