Monday, August 29, 2011


Posting here is a long time overdue! It's been a busy few weeks with continuously getting into the swing of things with the job, commuting and enjoying the end of the summer. I can't believe it's almost September!

I finally picked out some chairs to go with our handmade table!
[Insert happy dance here].
I'll post all of that very soon. It's been great actually eating at a dining room table :)

This past weekend I got to see my best friends in Louisville! I was happy to get a chance to go out and dance with my favorite girl and just catch up. We went to a new club in Louisville--Drake's. It wasn't terrible...but we had to wait in line and it wasn't a very big place
(small venue + lots of dancing = cramped!), so I can't say it's my new favorite place.

It was such a beautiful day Saturday...we had a good time walking around the Highlands, visiting cute stores and having lunch. I got to eat both sushi and Sweet Cece's in less than 24 hours, so I was a happy girl!

When I got back to town Saturday night I was pretty tired so we didn't do much. Sunday was full of laziness and just hanging out together (the best kind of Sunday). I finally watched Something Borrowed and loved it. Ryan seemed to like it too ;) I also made an amazing Mexican lasagna. It was soo soooo good. I can't wait to eat it again!

I actually got the recipe from a magazine a while back but just tried it for the first time. I believe I got it from Real Simple, but I'm not sure?

Happy Monday!

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