Monday, June 17, 2013

{M.L. Rose}

I have to start this post off by sharing that this is my 300TH post!! I can't believe it...that's a lot of posting! I am to have a fun place to write and share---and I love the blogging friends I've made along the way! Thanks for reading!!
In Nashville {or ANY city for that matter} it's important to have your favorite restaurants staked out. When it's time to pick a place for dinner after a long work day, you gotta know of a few good places to go that won't let you down!

One of our go-to places in Nashville is M.L. Rose.
This new-ish Charlotte Ave. spot is close enough to home to not feel like we have to make a big effort to get there, yet it's not right down the street from our house, so we feel like we're actually getting out. It's the perfect mix of trendy, sophisticated, and familiar.
The brisket wrap comes with a tomato lime ranch dip that is delicious!
 The boy agreed to take a few pictures of my outfit that night...little did he know they would be included in a blog post! :) Here's a few pictures of one of my favorite Kohl's summer tops and new DKNY shorts (from TJMaxx, of course!).
Yes, I included an "outtake" pic. Just keepin' it real!
Also, it's really hard to have someone else take your #OOTD pictures...shew!
Stay tuned for a few more Nashville restaurant posts in the coming months!

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