Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wedding Wednesday{10 MORE DAYS!}

Y'all! We only have10 MORE DAYS until the big day!
Can you believe it? I know we can't.
A throwback to two years ago!
As my next to last Wedding Wednesday checklist, I'm happy to say that there are just a handful of things left to be done, one which I get to do today! I get to pick my dress up {and I'm hoping I won't have to have any other alterations done, I miss that pretty thing!}. 
Here's the checklist...
Things We've Done....
Picked the date : May 18th 2013
Picked our bridal party!
Picked our colors!
Picked our ceremony and reception site!
Picked a caterer!
Picked a photographer!
Picked our ceremony and reception musician!
Had our engagement party!
Started Finished the wedding website!
Picked Sent our Save The Dates!
Picked out our invitations!
Picked the bridesmaid's dresses {a few are ordered}!
Working on the mother's dresses{one ordered, one to go}!
Picked the rehearsal dinner restaurant!
Finalized our guest list!
Started Finished our registry!
Picked our cake baker and cake style!
Purchased our wedding bands!
Finalized shower invitation list and bachelorette party invitation list.
Picked our day-of point of contact.
Bought a few items for decoration (twine for bouquets, burlap for banner, etc.).
Meet with our officiant and scheduled pre-marital counseling!
Took our engagement pictures!!
Called the rental place and finalized all of our rentals!
Finalized a block of rooms for our wedding guests!
Have Sent our invitations printed.
Find a way to print special maps for invitations. DIY!!
Order all of the bridesmaid's dresses.
Order groomsmen suits.
Book our honeymoon (at the end of January!).
Decide on shower and rehearsal dinner decorations. 
Decide on + order bridal party gifts.
Decide on + order groom gift.
Finalize our hotel plans (getting ready rooms & wedding guests).
Pick rehearsal dinner invitation. 
Pick shoes for bridesmaids.
Pick ceremony shoes.
Finalize ceremony music.
Pick the mother's dresses.
Place the wedding flower order (I found the perfect vendor!).
Pre-marital counseling.
Finalize the ceremony plan!
Work on wedding hair and makeup ideas (for everyone)--updos
for the girls and half up/down for me!
Create banner for wedding reception. ORDERED
Yarn wrapped letters for reception decoration (initials/Mr+Mrs). Decided on something different.
Marriage license. WAHOO!!
Purchase dresses for bridal events, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party weekend!
Finalize our reception menu (90% done).
Decide on my something old, new, borrowed, and blue (90% done).
Finalize our guest book alternative. (Decided on a photo book.)
Decide on cake/cupcake stand.
Finalize and work on reception table decorations. (Finally finished!)
Decide if we want special ushers. (We aren't picking ushers since it's such a casual setting.)
Decide on out-of-town guest goodies. (Not needed.)
Decide on + order parent gifts.
Package bridal party gifts. 
Pick our Instagram hashtag for the reception
(we plan on having one of these ideas {one, two, or three}!)

Things We Still Need To Do....
Go to schedule one dress fitting/steaming. Pick dress up and see if it fits!
Pick out ceremony accessories (for the BMs and I) (90% done).
Decide on ceremony readings (98% done).
Finalize rehearsal dinner menu (done--just need to print them).
Print + assemble program fans.
Finish cake topper (twine wrapped E!).
Finalize ideas/materials for ceremony/reception signs.
Decide on + book day-of transportation. 
Finalize a day-of schedule (just need to do some final tweaks!).
Drop off extra decor to the caterer. 


Mary said...

Yay 10 days! So exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your day is wonderful and everything goes smoothly!