Thursday, April 25, 2013

Hello Again!

I've had the sudden urge to really get back into the swing of blogging! Naturally, just a few weeks before the wedding! I can't help it though, I've missed you all :)
As a way to ease back in, I'll kick this off with a Currently List.
 Currently I am... the usual office noises. Typing, printing, other people's computers dinging REALLY LOUDLY with each email that comes in.
Eating...grilled chicken salad. Yum!
Drinking...Nothing. I've had too much coffee already today.
Wearing...A new dress! I went shopping last weekend (while in Chicago--a whole other post!), and I've managed to wear all of my new clothes in less than a week.
Feeling...Unsure. About nothing in particular, and at the same time, everything.
Wanting...The work day to be over with so I can get to the hair salon. Today is wedding hair trial day!!
Thinking...About this weekend. It should be a fun one! And about whether or not I should do the whole garter-at-our-wedding-reception-thing. Opinion?
Enjoying...The view from my desk. So happy that it's sunny today!
Thankful For...Everything! The special people in my life. Friendships that are important. Family who is always there no matter what.
What are you currently?

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Ashleigh said...

Welcome back sweet girl! & I am loving your current list :)