Thursday, December 13, 2012

Saw It Pinned It Did It {Holiday Cheer}

I'm linking up with Katie for her {Saw It Pinned It Did It} linkup.

Because we are in such a small apartment (but not for long!!), I try not put up a lot of large Christmas decorations. I mean, we only have a counter-top sized Christmas tree up this year! So, in attempt to add some holiday cheer without causing more chaos in our small space, I decided to create a fun jar of cheer! I found these two items on Pinterest and used them as my inspiration...

When I started this project I decided that it would be done for as little $$ as possible. A.k.a. FREE! I pulled a vase out of storage, grabbed my trusty twine, and collected a few beauties from outside {we live in an area that has beautiful trees, bushes, etc. so I had plenty to pick from}. Ryan brought mistletoe home a few days before so I used some of the extra green leaves from it in the mix too!

It took a few tries, but I finally got the pine cones, berries, and mistletoe greenery arranged how I liked it. Once I was finished I added twine to the vase and put it on our entryway bookshelf. I think it's a great little addition with the wreath and holiday candle. 
Excuse the mess :)
Our favorite Christmas time candle this year.
What are little things that you add to your home for the holiday?
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kilipohi said...

love the filled jar. I have one with red christmas balls.

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, Ashley, adore this! So darn cute. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new post and latest style column for xo