Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Week + Weekend Recap

Holy Wednesday! I can't believe it's already the middle of the week. I thought for sure this week would creep by after the holiday weekend. But sure enough, here we are in the middle of the week. Thank goodness!! I love it when the weekends are slow and the weeks go by quickly. 
Who am I kidding--we all love that, right?!
Working for the weekend!
I have a ton to catch you up on. 
Let's start with Thanksgiving week, shall we?
On Wednesday might we headed to our favorite bar down the street to catch up with friends, including some from out of town. 
Before heading out.
It was an unusually warm Turkey day this year, so I had to opt for an outfit that wouldn't completely make me melt while I spent time in the kitchen. I definitely had fun putting this outfit together!
Thanksgiving Day #OOTD
It's a simple Old Navy dress {with a fun skirt} paired with a Banana Republic button up and skinny leather belt. I don't know what brand the black boot is...I might have to look into that for y'all ;)

Thursday was a special day for me. I made my very first Thanksgiving turkey all by myself! And it turned out really well! Wahoo!
I used Trisha Yearwood's family recipe {found here}.
It's super easy and it creates a very juicy turkey (no crispy outside though).

I also made my first, but not last, sweet potato casserole. Check out the recipe {here}. I'm not a fan of sweet potatoes, but I plan to make this again soon!
It has maple syrup and half&half in the sweet potato
mixture and is topped with brown sugar and pecans. Noms!
I also made this cheese ball. It had bacon it in and was a big hit!
Pumpkin and Pecan pie.
My sweetie!
Naturally we ended the day with some college basketball!
We did not spend Friday shopping black Friday sales. No way, no how. We've been out for a few in our years together, but we're not big on the crowds. We are just not cut out for that drama. We heart Cyber Monday though!

Our craving for turkey and ham leftovers lasted about 24 hours. We made our way across town to meet up with my Dad for a short visit, and while we were out we stopped at Noodles & Co. to fill our bellies with non-thanksgiving food.
I tried the truffle mac. It wasn't anywhere near as good as the penne rosa.
While we were close we had to stop at Trader Joe's
 to pick up our favorite snacks and beer.
Trader Joe's has all of their holiday snacks out now--I suggest you stop by and try a few. These peppermint pretzel slims are perfectly light and not too peppermint-y.

We spent Saturday afternoon at one of Nashville's beautiful parks with our wedding photographer shooting our engagement pictures. It was a lot of fun {even with my brace and crutches}. I couldn't ask for a better time or photographer!

What did you do Thanksgiving weekend? Did you travel at all? It was our very first of not having to travel at all!
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