Sunday, October 7, 2012

Here vs. There

Here: Philadelphia
There: Nashville
Here: Wearing (something similar to) This
There: Would Be Wearing (something similar to) This
Here: Working Here
There: Would Be Working Here
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Here: I'm Doing This
There: I Would Be Doing This
Here: Sleeping Here
There: Sleeping With These Guys
If you follow me on Twitter (go here to follow along!), then you might know that I'm currently in the great city of Philadelphia! This city is gorgeous and definitely at the top of my list of cities I've traveled to for work.
Let me say one thing before I explain this post.
I'm lucky and blessed to be able to travel with my job.
I've already got a handful of trips under my belt in the four short months I've worked for this company.
I miss home. When I'm away I always miss the boy and our pup like crazy. It's tough to be apart, just because we have such a close relationship. Who knows, someday I might get used to being on the road?!
Moving on....this post is titled Here vs. There. These are the main differences of my life when I'm away. I love dressing up for a few days and seeing/meeting tons of people while on the road--but gosh, I miss my jeans + boots and just being home with the boy!
Here's to a great rest of the week and a quick trip home when it's over!
How do you get through trips on the road for your job?

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Ashley said...

I've always wanted to visit Philadelphia! When I'm traveling for work I feel the same way- missing the pup and boy!