Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Food For Thought

After having such an amazing birthday, I found myself spending a little time reflecting on the past year. I started to take note of the good things that happened and to reflect on where the last year took me. I learned some really good lessons that I don't ever want to forget.

It may have taken me 23 years to learn a few of these, but at least I finally learned ;) Some are serious and some are fun--what are your favorite life lessons?
1}Growing with your friends over the years is so rewarding. Regardless of what you go through...at some point you become family.
2}Don't take those special people in your life for granted.
3}Listening always leads you in the right direction. Sometimes you have to just shut your mouth and open your ears. This one can be especially hard...
4}Save money. It really matters and makes a difference in your life.
5}Try not to have tunnel vision. The long away future isn't what you have to worry about everyday. Just enjoy the moment.
6}Don't pass up cuddles. Ever.
7}Coffee should always be strong.
8}So should your morals.
9}Hard work doesn't just get the job done, it's rewarding.
10}Quality over quantity.
11}Worrying is tough. It takes a lot out of you. You should only worry when you really need to.
12}You only get one body--you have to take care of yourself and learn to be healthy.
13}Don't be too hard on yourself.
14}Take time for yourself. 
15}Don't stop learning!
16}Love will get you through. And it teaches you sooo much.
17}Go to new places. Be adventurous. 
18}Be nice just because. Some people really need it.
19}Laugh. Just laugh.
20}Don't be afraid to be yourself. If someone doesn't like it, then just accept you're not their cup of tea. 
21}Never stop dreaming.
22}Keep your promises. It means the world to some people.
23}Remember that you have the power to create your future. 
What have you learned over the last year? Do you have any wisdom to share?
Spill the beans! :)


Alyssa said...

these are all so important!! love this list :)

Dara said...

great idea for a birthday post!