Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Triple Travel

A few weeks ago I mentioned going out of town for a bit. Well, being out of town for a bit turned into travelling 9 out of 10 straight days. 
Shew, that was tough!

We visited Ryan's brother and sister-in-law for a Mumford & Sons concert. 
 With my new job I got to travel to California for a few days.
When I returned to TN we continued on to Alabama to visit with a close friend.

If you shop at Trader Joe's I suggest trying these little guys. 
The beautiful drive to Bristol, where the concert was. I <3 TN
Our awesome Mumford ticket book.
What a view! 
Doesn't he look like he's excited? {note my sarcasm}
A street in Bristol, state street, is the state line!
State street, the state line between TN and VA!
We had yummy cupcakes at Shelbee's Vintage Cafe in Bristol.
Some vintage tobacco jars...
More vintage containers in the local cigar shop.
Isn't he cute?
The Mumford stage. Such a GREAT show!

This is what a 5:50 am flight looks like :)
Almost there! The west coast is so much different than TN. 
Some amazing coffee. 
The weather was perfect :)
I met Mickey! 
We stayed close to Disney, so we saw/heard their nightly fireworks.

Of course I had to Skype with both of my boys while I was gone!
I tried coconut water for the first time. And last time. Yuck!

Doesn't everyone start the weekend off with a margarita?
This was my 1st beer-garita.
The boys. Out at our favorite bar in Birmingham.
The boy's best man :)
You have to have brunch on a rainy Saturday morning..
And what's a grown up brunch with out bloody marys...
and chocolate milk?
My favorite :)
Jon with his pet duck!  
I had a great time each place I went, but it was SO nice to take several naps after getting back home. 
Where's the last place you traveled?

P.s. Today I'm guest posting on Jessica's Blog {Before The I Do's}. Swing by to read some of my wedding planning tips!


Anonymous said...

Is that the Blue Monkey bar you went to?

Courtney B said...

Whew! Busy girl!! But it looks like you had SO much fun! LOVED the pictures :)

Brittany @ Life of a Bama Girl said...

Looks like lots of fun in 9 days! I was in Birmingham this last weekend for a wedding.

Caitlin C. said...

I'm so jealous of your trip!! And that you got to see Mumford in concert.... oohhh I want to see them so badly!

Amanda said...

Dang! You've been super busy and a traveling fool! How do you like the new job??? I totally would have skyped with my boys too :)

Ameryn Marie said...

Just came across your blog from a hop! I'm a new follower!
You should give coconut water another try, I've had that one and it's nasty in the plastic bottle! It's yummy I swear!;)
-Ameryn Marie