Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Letters {almost birthday time}

Happy Happy Friday! I could seriously do a happy dance (or 3) simply because it's the weekend!

I was out of town for several days last week/weekend {working}, so this weekend is my first full one in two weeks. I didn't realize how much I would miss one whole weekend. Shew!

To start this weekend off on the right foot I'm doing Friday Letters....
Dear Birthday, thank you so much for showing up this weekend. You're right on time and I love you for bringing me together with my favorite people. Dear Fiance, thank you for always making my dreams come true. No matter how small or silly they may be. Dear Family (current and future), thank you for being so amazing. You make me feel like a princess on the regular. Dear Work, you're killing me. Simmer down now. Dear Downtown Nashville, I hope you're ready. Dear Fall TV, wooooah girl. You're bringing it fast and furious. I love the shows, I just can't keep up. I will have to get back into practice. Dear Mumford & Sons, I can't stop listening to your new album. LOVE. IT. Dear Louisville football, good luck this weekend. Bring home another W!!
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SimplyHeather said...

Hi from Fridays Letters!!

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have an amazing one with friends and family just as you hope for (:

xo, Heather