Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summertime [from around the blogiverse]

 Here are some fun summer themed posts from around the blogiverse. Enjoy!
Crabby Cupcakes, anyone?
Navy summer must-haves.
What's a summer without at least one great baseball tee?
Blueberry, Banana Cream, and Peach. Sweet additions to an everyday BBQ.
DIY your own pickles! [The boy has done this before--delicious!]
Summertime was MADE for wearing mint. AmIright or AmIright?
Don't forget about making yummy [cool] treats for your pups :)
Sunscreen tips. Take them.
Summer isn't summer without white, now is it?
I'd love any of these summer wishlist pieces!
A fun summer happiness list.
Anchor shorts? Hello, gorgeous!
Who doesn't like a good summer playlist?
Super cute denim cutoff DIY.
Watermelon keg? Well, duh!
A summer recipe for those who don't do BBQs.
[Though I'm convinced they don't exist ;)]
Helpful makeup and hair tips for surviving a summer in the South.
Don't like veggies when it's warm? Try one of these 20 yummy recipes.
Did you enjoy camp as a kid?
A fun summer DIY project.

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Daisy said...

How fun! I have to check these blogs out.