Monday, June 18, 2012

[Me] Monday

It's a Me Monday. What's that? Just a few things about me....on Monday.
And somewhat of a weekend recap.
I'm obsessed with my perfectly fitted Merona cardigans from Target. Yup, it's all about the little things. [I have Cardi for the party stuck in my head...]
I'm finally wearing my hair the way I planned it for years [the reason I started growing it out over a year ago], and I LOVE the curls/waves.
Another low quality iPhone pic...
I had a Lunchables lunchbox for lunch today. And yoo-hoo on Friday. I'm a kid at heart.

I have just about everything concerning our wedding day planned or
decided on in my head. Now, to put it into action!
I had a blast this past weekend. Good food [like, REALLY good food, all homecooked/grilled], family time [with the soon to be inlaws, who are already like family], and some outdoor fun [canoeing, again!].
a baby fox on the side of the river!
I tried the Ryman....brie, fig, and turkey. Yum!
Fruit tart and a cannoli. Sooo delicious!
Chocolate and pistachios macaroons. My first time!
I love my new photo app--Snapseed. It lets me use the photo effects on full screen photos. Sometimes I don't want to trim a picture down in Instagram. Am I alone on this one?
Enjoying the patio after breakfast. Love my boys!
P.s. Notice the subtle effect?
What'd you do this weekend? How are you on this Monday? I'm so glad it's almost done...I'm already counting down to the next weekend!

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Miss Chelsea said...

This sounds like a dream weekend!