Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

Well, we made it back in one piece! New Orleans was everything I hoped it would be....well, besides the outcome of Saturday's game. BUT we did have a fabulous time anyways!

I'm playing a serious game of catch up at work since I was out the first two days of the week. So, while I'm getting back in the swing of things, please enjoy a few of today's posts from some of my favorite blogs!

Who doesn't love a little motivation? I definitely get that from her...

I love these pictures!

Pretty Scallops

Wedding Ponytails

Love or Loathe?

Love her dress!

How cute is she?


Amanda said...

Thanks for the link! And I loved reading some of the bloggers that you linked to. Who's turn is it for a letter?

smk053078 said...

Awe, this was such a sweet and unexpected surprise!! Thank you soooooo much! This made my day!! You ROCK!! xoxo
Because Shanna Said So