Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Radar Riders

We have another weekend under our belts! As you know, our weekend started with some crazy storms--we were "radar riders"! It was so intense watching the local news with updates from around town, and those bright red spots on the map. I'll admit, I think I became seriously nervous about the storms once I saw the news (thank goodness the power went out shortly after!).  It was not a nice way to start the weekend.....but then again, I'm glad we got it out of the way early in the weekend! This weekend post is definitely a random one....lots of pictures and a little info to fill in the blanks.
I've been thinking about buying these shoes...thoughts?
The wedge and bow are both brown, as are the spots on the shoes.
Sewing lessons? Why, yes! Thank you!
I feel in love with this sweater at Gap!
Yes, this is what two grown women talk about on Saturday evenings.
On Sunday, the boy made some delicious peanut butter banana french toast!
Have you had these? These are pretty yummy...
My favorites are the vanilla cupcake flavor. Get.Them.Now.
We took our (what seems like) weekly stroll around World Market.
I adore these dishes. I love a good catch all,
so I always have my eye out for cuties like these!
I LOVE this bar/wine cabinet.
I love having a few cute seasonal pieces around the house!
This candy jar is perfect for our Starburst Jellybeans :)
How lucky am I? I love having a boy that likes to wash cars!
The best way to end the weekend? With a drink, of course!
White Russians are the go to drink in our house :)
Although we didn't do anything out of the norm this past weekend, I would chalk it up as a really good one nonetheless. I actually felt well rested and ready to start my week when I got up on Monday morning [that never happens].

What did you do this past weekend? I did try out something new this weekend---pre-fixed meals! I made three meals ahead of time and froze two of them to use this later in the week (meatloaf and chicken & broccoli casserole). We used one of the meals on Monday night (a whole chicken to cook in the crockpot, which we've done it in the past, and it is so easy!). Let me tell you--I'm a believer already. Yesterday we made a few sides and were able to sit down and eat within 20 minutes of getting home from work. Eating so quickly after work never happens for us---we can never make up our minds about what to have for dinner in less than 30 minutes, so this is a big change! Tonight we'll be able to pop a casserole into the oven and spend a few minutes catching up with each other while it cooks.
No serious dinner prep after work=Happy Ashley!

Hope you're having a great week so far!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're safe from the storms, dear. I'm also insanely jealous that you're getting a Hunger Games shirt. I'm totally Team Peeta. =)

Keep Shining,

amf said...

I think the shoes are super cute. Where did you find them?