Thursday, March 15, 2012

I [Mustache] You A Question!

You guys remember Amanda, right? Well, she recently tagged me in a post about answering a few questions. Not just any questions though....questions about ourselves! Now you're really excited, aren't you? ; )

Here are 10 questions and answers about moi...

1.] Favorite Color? Red
2.] Favorite Animal? Dog!
3.] Favorite Number? 7 or 14
4.] Favorite (non-adult) drink? Chocolate milk, of course!
5.] Facebook or Twitter? Twitter (@ashmpars)
6.] Passion? Being creative!
7.] Giving or receiving presents? Giving
8.] Favorite Pattern? Lately, it's anything that has a large floral print (not to wear, but to use as an iPhone background or decoration)
9.] Favorite day?'s like Christmas every week!
10.] Favorite Flower? I looove Peonies! They are just too pretty
I've picked a few ladies to keep the questions going. Can't wait to read what your answers are!
Lauren, Meghan, Mia, and Chelsea!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me, dear! I'm doing a vlog on Sunday to answer the few posts I've been tagged in. Can't wait!

Keep Shining,

Anonymous said...

I just saved that background to my phone so I can be a copy cat and use it myself :)