Monday, January 30, 2012

[Sweet] Weekend

This weekend, like most, flew right by. Come Sunday night we found ourselves wondering where it had gone. And while I wish it had stayed around longer, I did have a great time this weekend!

I'm linking up with Jenni over at Story of My Life for a little instagram fun to recap our weekend!

My hair is getting longer everyday and I'm curling it more often!
We went on a tour of the new-ish Corsair Distillery. Read about them here!
Thank for the passes Jess!
The first beer of the day-from a Chatanooga brewery!
The sweet lights along the brick wall <3
The awesome floors in the old Marathon Motor Works building.
The distillery is located in the historic Marathon Motor Works building!
One of the awesome signs inside.
The awesome sign on the outside. Love the look of the building!
Also located in the Marathon Motor Works village-Antique Archaeology
While most of their stuff wasn't for sale, it was fun to see it all.
Does anyone else watch the show? Remember when they picked this??
Carnival game figurines!
Awesome lights!
Fun display around the front door.
Sunday was very laid back and started off with yummy
pancakes (as big as your head)!
Sunday was also full of crafting and creating for the Etsy shop.
I also made (with Ry's mom's help) a kindle sleeve.  Love it!
Saturday was a ton of fun with going to the distillery, Jack's BBQ, and East Nashville (to check out some cute stores)...we wrapped up the day with a funny movie, Take Me Home Tonight (it's funny-watch it!). Sunday was calm and productive. I caught up on some Etsy work, helped Ryan's mom make an awesome Kindle sleeve (I'm making the next one!), and even worked on a website a little. I was happy to have some down time this weekend, but I wish it was still Sunday! Hopefully this week won't be toooo crazy.

What did you do this weekend? Anything new and exciting?


Anonymous said...

Those carnival toys were creepy. I wouldn't want to win one of those..

Ashley said...

I love those pictures - the Marathon Motor Works building looks like a lovely place to visit!

Cute curly hair :-)

Classy in KC said...

The distillery looks like a really awesome place. I absolutely love Nashville!