Thursday, December 29, 2011

Welcome Back!

Welcome back blogger friends : ) How was your Christmas and your New Years Eve? Did you have a great time making new memories with your favorite people, eating, and taking photos? Was Santa good to you? Did you have an awesome first kiss at midnight on Saturday? I was able to enjoy all of the above!

The last two weeks were fun and went by waaaay too quickly! I had a great time visiting with some of my favorites, we got to move into our new place, I received some great gifts, and we even made it through the moving weekend without any major snags [it was supposed to rain AND we weren't really sure the new couch would fit through the new front door--but no issues!].
Yes, I need a nap after the holidays! via
Today I'll be back at work for 4 days in a row....after all of my time off, 4 days seems like an eternity! Let's hope that it doesn't drag by!

I hate to make this short and sweet, but I have to run - I have tons to do to get started on an awesome 2012! I promise to do a better update soon (including a few details about a meet up with a few sweet bloggers, Alison and Cambron, at Blogger Blitz Nashville)!
Here's a sneak peak of our Christmas morning.
[This picture was developed from film (not a memory card)!]

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I am still SO bummed that I missed the Blogger Blitz. A few of us Nashvillians were thinking about doing another meet-up!

You in?

Happy New Year!

megs [at] Shine On

Amanda said...

Glad the move went smoothly! And at least it's already Thursday! Woot woot!