Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Recap~Pic Overload

What a weekend! I had a great time this weekend. Lots of hanging out with Ryan and our pup [which makes me a happy girl], crafting, good food and holiday stuff! Oh yea, and lots of wine!
On Friday we remembered last minute that our town was having a tree lighting celebration downtown (thanks to Ryan!). So, we headed home for a quick dinner before hand....when we got home I found a package waiting for me! I can't tell you all about it just yet, but it's for the Cold Hands,Warm Heart swap. I was so excited to get my goodies from Mindy!
 When we arrived downtown there was a kids band playing Christmas music and a capella group singing. We hung out watching both groups for a bit...talking about how we remembered when we were both in bands when we were younger! After standing out in the cold for a while we decided to grab a few drinks at the nearest bar...we had to warm up somehow : )
After waiting for a bit, Santa finally came out and lit up the tree! There were so many families and little kids all around...Ryan and I almost felt out of place because we didn't have a baby!
A cute model set in a nearby window...
And another part...
Funny, weird camera mode
More funny, weird camera mode :)
The stores around the square were taking advantage of the crowd by staying open late so we decided to shop around a little. I went to our favorite antique store and then to a super cute shop I hadn't been in before that had lots of cute ornaments and decorated trees. I love seeing the super pink ones....when someone else does it : )

Can you tell I love groups of things? In pictures?
Insert whistle ;)
Makes me think of my old KY home :)
After getting home from downtown we got comfy just in time to watch the Cards play Vandy in men's basketball. It was definitely the best game I've seen in a long time! Ryan and I were both on the edge of our seats the whole time, especially towards the end when it was in OT. We pulled out a win and we couldn't have been happier!
On Saturday we just about wrapped up our Christmas shopping. As much as Ryan hates to shop, we still made it through the shops and we only have 2 more things to get/finish. There's just something about taking care of all of your holiday gift shopping....I love to get started, but I love it even more when I'm done!

Speaking of holidays, I made a few more wreaths this weekend for a lady at work. Originally, I made one by using a foam circle and hot glue to arrange them. It took FOREVER the first time. This time I used another method that I found on Pinterest. I used a coat hanger and strung the ornaments on and then arranged them (they arrange themselves for the most part, but you can help to organize the colors). It took far less time, so I was really happy that I tried the second method!
Cute little wreath family!
After all of the crafting (it really does wear me out sometimes!), Ryan cooked dinner and surprised me with a little Pinterest-esque meal. He used a cupcake pan and made mini spaghetti cups....spaghetti, meat, sauce and ricotta cheese. He cooked everything as usual and then put each cup together and then baked them for a bit. It was so yummy!
Before they went into the oven!
Don't they look delicious! Mmmm!
 We also made another trip to our favorite furniture shop here in town. About a month ago we found a couch that we really liked and we've been thinking about it ever since. We went back to visit to see if the "spark" was still there : ) After spending some time looking at other options and talking with the sales lady, we decided that it was definitely time to make a move on the couch that we liked. We knew we had to sell our current living room set to have enough room for the new stuff, so we posted it on Craigslist. Well, after only 20 minutes, we had a buyer! A cute old couple came this morning and bough the old set.

You know what that means?? We finally have room for a new couch! Wooo hooo! We paid for the new set this afternoon and we should be able to enjoy it tomorrow evening : ) : ) I've never been so excited about furniture! Hah I must really be an adult now! What did you do this weekend? Anything fun?
Here's a sneak peek :)


Mary said...

A new couch and Spaghetti! your weekend definitely beats mine! All I did was sit on my butt and enjoyed a two day Harry Potter marathon. Also, I wish my town had a Christmas tree event. Guess that's the perks of living in a small town. You have a very lovely blog btw, and I can't wait to read more!

Till then,
Mary from

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

love those wreaths. and the spaghetti cups. brilliant idea!

Ashley said...

I just love those wreaths, I think I might have to make one!