Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Recap~A Wedding & Mini Vacation

Is it really only Tuesday? I feel like it's Wednesday. Yes, it must be Wednesday. 
 Did my wishful thinking work? No? Maybe next time ; )

It may be a little late, but I hope everyone had a fun weekend! It was gross today in Nashville so I enjoyed taking the time to go through my pictures from this past weekend. I got to see lots of family and spent some quality time relaxing in the mountains! 

On Friday I was busy driving cross country to KY to my hometown for my cousin's wedding. Heaven married her high school sweetheart who I am also friends with. We were really close growing up, so she wanted me there to share her day!
 We worked on her hair and makeup together...I enjoyed helping with the little things : )
iPhone hair pic!
 Her wedding colors were black and white...she DIY'd most of her stuff and it all looked great!
Isn't her dress amazing?
And yes, I look disheveled for some reason...
My favorite family ladies!
Heaven's pup...I couldn't
resist including her :)
 After the reception and a ton of pictures (that I can't wait to see!) I made the trip south the Gatlinburg. I met Ryan and his family there....we decided to take a mini-vacation to celebrate his Dad's birthday. It was gorgeous the whole time we were there--perfect for walking around, taking a trip to the top of a mountain and alpine sliding!!
Mmmmm! Of course our first stop was a sweets store!
Watching them make caramel apples!
There were a TON of UK items everywhere so
I was happy to see some UofL love!
The view from the tram...
The view from the tram...and the window reflection ;)
The perfect time of year for this!
   When we got to the top of the mountain we took a chairlift even further up so we could take a ride on the alpine slide....another first for me! It was a lot of fun : )
Ryan's brother and sister in law.
Isn't he cute?
I almost forgot!! Ryan's mom decided that she wanted a western picture as their family christmas card this year! I was sooo excited because I have wanted to do this for years but no one would oblige. We had a blast getting it done (the boys even enjoyed it!).
After a long day of hanging out in town on Saturday we spent the rest of the night eating, playing games, and being cozy around the fire!
He plays along so well ;)
Ryan's brother and sister in law!
Tending to the fire :)
  We got so many great pictures this weekend...I am officially spoiled! : )

On Sunday, I bought my first (teeny tiny) round of Christmas presents! A small success! Haha I have a bunch left, but getting some out of the way is better than none : )
My first ever Cheerwine. This stuff is good! Tastes just like Dr. Pepper!
After a long weekend I'm happy to be home and back in my own bed! This trip definitely got me excited about the upcoming holidays (and not having to travel)!


Anonymous said...

LOVED all your pictures - especially the fireplace one of you and your beau!

Hope you have a good day sweet girl! :)

Ashley said...

Great pictures - the tram ride looks just amazing. I love Gatlinburg :-)

ps the picture of you two in front of the fireplace is adorable, very good looking couple!!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the sweet comments girls!! :)

MacKensie said...

AHH I HAVE to try this Alpine slide!!! It looks like SO much fun!!