Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogger Field Trip : Story of My Life

Better late than never, right?? Yesterday I talked about catching up and I wasn't kidding! I had a ton to do and when I got home, it didn't get any better so I'm still a teeny bit behind. Regardless, here goes!
Today we're visiting Jenni from Story of My Life. She's another blogger who has inspired me to keep up with my writing and posting. She’s consistent (it's important!) funny (her introduction includes words like sarcasm and sass-of course I was hooked from day one!), stylish and she can take a mean picture (on either side of the camera)!
Jenni blogs about everything from home decorating to Twilight (and everything in between!). While I enjoy reading most of my favorite blogger’s stories, her short ones about her neighbor are pretty funny. She’s also got a really cute love story--believe me, you want to read this one : )
I love her style!
 Jenni is also an inspiration to me because I see her meeting her fellow bloggers and having a blast! She does blates (here, here and here) and gets to know the girls she is friends with in the blogging world! Of course I want to do that too, seeing as one of my main goals of blogging is to meet new people and build friendships!
P.s. Not only does she have a seriously cute blog, but she also has an Etsy shop where she shares some of her pretty photos!

One of her beautiful photos for sale in her Etsy shop!
Be sure to hop over and check out her blog! She always has great reviews of her sponsors too, so maybe you'll find more than one new blog to read : )


Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

You are so sweet Ashley!! Thanks sooooo much, this made my day!!! :D :D :D

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh she sounds so fun!!! I threw a blogger meet up last month and it was a blast! I highly recommend doing it if you have a chance! :) I wish I had camera skills, jealous of hers!!!

Ashley said...

Jenni definitely has great photo skills! Maybe she'll do a how-to post one day :)