Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend!

Holy Cow! Yesterday was such a looong day...getting back into the swing of things after a holiday weekend is hard stuff! This past weekend was full of some really great food, interesting memories and lots of laughs. How was yours?

It was great only having to work half of the day on Wednesday. We had a yummy lunch at work and then I was outta there! I celebrated Thanksgiving & spent the weekend with Ryan's family.
Lunch/dessert at work!
Dinner at Ryan's grandma's house. Gobble gobble!
Other than the turkey, our weekend was filled with lots of amazing recipes! We tried out a few from Southern Living, including red velvet cupcakes with brown butter cream cheese icing/white chocolate amaretto icing. Can you say Mmmmm? They were amazing! We made a pumpkin sweet roll and got to use the left over brown butter icing on it. Another winner! If you can get your hands on the current Christmas edition of Southern Living, GET IT!
Helping with the amazing cupcakes!
The major sweet roll before it cooked, waiting for the dough to rise :)
The extra dough...regular cinnamon roll style!
We also got together with our friends for a Friendsgiving. More food, more laughs and more wine! Obviously an equation for a good time ; )
Ryan & Mike
Maria and
The ladies of the family also spent some time crafting while the boys were away at an auto show. It was so fun doing this with the girls...plus I have TWO pretty new wreaths!
The final product...it took forever, but it's worth it!
I also have an adorable burlap wreath that Ryan's sister in law made me!
Although it was REALLY warm this past weekend (considering the fact that it was the week of Thanksgiving) we still had a fire on Sunday night. It was dreary and cold that day, so it was so nice! I can't get enough of it around this time of year.
Our drink of choice over the weekend.
Can you tell I come from KY? ;)
Lastly, on Sunday night, we decorated the Christmas tree at Ryan's parent's house. We aren't putting a tree or decorations up this year due to our move, so we're living vicariously through them!
Christmas Card?

 It was fun seeing everyone, but I sure am happy to be back home!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures girl and your wreath looks fabulous!!

Courtney said...

i love it all :) and that wreath? want to make me one?!

Fash Boulevard said...

oh my goodness, looks like the perfect Thanksgiving. Those cupcakes sound amazing. My sister and I also do fun crafts on Thanksgiving. Some how we never actually finish anything, but there's lots of laughing and glue involved. lol. so glad I found your blog. definitely following. If you get a sec I'd love to hear what you think of my fashion blog. It's all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA local. xo


Eliza said...

Looks like the perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself! Sorry for the million comments, but I'm just getting caught up on all my blogs ;) xoxo, eliza