Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Beautiful, fabulous, amazing...Hump Day

You read is beautiful, fabulous AND amazing...mostly because it's hump day!
I'm over the moon just thinking about the fact that 3 days of this week are (basically) over with already. Bring on Friday! Here are a few things I've been daydreaming about this week...

I can't wait to have enough space to have a vanity!

I love looking at wine holders. We've been looking at liquor tables/chests lately and I can't wait to get a cute one.

I have been itching to go pick pumpkins! We're planning on a fun trip the weekend of the 22nd when my Aunt comes to town. Can't wait!

Cute pumkin idea! I love carving, but maybe this year I'll do something different?

I love the colors of fall! I can't wait until November...we'll be in Gatlinburg for a long weekend and the trees  are going to be beautiful!

I love, love, love seeing mums everywhere this time of year. Oh, how I wish I had my own front porch to decorate with them :)

Do I even need to say anything here?

I've been thinking about a picnic lately...maybe I'll decide on a place and surprise Ryan one day.

I've heard good things about this honeycrisp sangria recipe all over the place. I might have to try it out this weekend.

All photos via Pinterest


Mrs. Smith said...

THAT BLANKET!!!!!!! ughhhh, I want

Elizabeth said...

My family is going to Gatlinburg next summer for family vacation. You'll have to let me know some fun things to do. I might also have to try that honeycrisp sangria. Sounds great!

Holly said...

Found your blog through Simply Smithwick...very cute!! Love all your pins, too! Have a great weekend :)

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

Elizabeth, I'll give you some good pointers after our visit. I've been going there for years for small family vacations :)