Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Just in case you didn't know :)
 When you assume the position of a blogger you also assume the position of a reader ! While I really, really enjoy having a blog to share my ideas, memories, stories and favorite things, I also enjoy having an opportunity to connect with others who have similar, or even different, interests. That is where reading comes into play…I read others’ blogs more than I post on my own blog. I get outfit ideas, recipes that I know will be great, craft ideas, photo inspiration and most importantly—I get to share the emotions of life (corny, I know). I love nothing better than laughing at a story or picture that someone posts on their blog or having a quiet moment to appreciate a good day, because others are having a tough time. This gives me (and others) a chance to jump in and offer a kind word or let someone know that they aren’t the only one laughing :) Blogging brings people together in a crazy world and lets people develop a community and friendships.

On that note—a blogger (Natasha over at Hello! Happiness) that I’ve been following for the past 6 months or so decided that it was time to “meet” her followers. While I don’t have quite as many (yet!) I do think that it was a great idea! Taking a few minutes to introduce yourself helps to build the community and let others know who they’re speaking to.

So, for any of her followers that landed here or to my current followers, here’s what I posted as my introduction to her and her followers—
Hi Natasha (& everyone)! I’m Ashley—I’m in my 20s, a recent college grad, and a new resident of TN. I recently moved to Murfreesboro with my college sweetheart and spend a lot of my time in Nashville for work and fun. I moved here from Louisville, KY (Go Cards!) where I went to college. The boy’s family is from Nashville…which explains the move south after graduation. I love being a part of the south and everything that comes with this area of the country. Cooking, being outdoors, crafting, traveling, and photography are my favorite things. I am in the process of making Nashville my new true home, so I hope that someday soon I’ll get to use my blog as a way to build some friendships in this area. I enjoy having a blog to use as a creative outlet...check out my journey over at The Sweet Life.
I definitely hope to build friendships in the Nashville area and learn as much as I can about the community around me. I love throwing my whole self into something and building a new friend base here is at the top of my to-do list!

Thanks for stopping by! I always enjoy reading comments here, so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or share your thoughts : )


Katie said...

LOVE Kentucky! I want to move there so bad! If only the husband can get permission to telecommute! We're heading down to TN this weekend! Can't wait! Best of luck making your new home!!!

Ashlee :) said...

I don't think I realized that you were from KY when I first started following your blog. I'm from KY too :) Down toward the TN line. It's so great to see others from your own state in the blog world!

Paige said...

I just found your blog! I'm from TN too, but from the Memphis area. I've only been to Nashville when I'm driving through quickly on the way to Gatlinburg and once for a concert but we didn't even stay overnight. Still though, it's nice to find someone else with a blog from my state. It seems like all the blogs I've found are from the West Coast or the upper East Coast area. If you have a min, I'd love if you'd check out my blog :)


English Anderson said...

Here via the Friday's Letters link-up on Adventures of Newlyweds. I love seeing how many people are from Kentucky...I lived in the Bowling Green area for almost ten years, and even stayed in Nashville for a year when I was younger. Such a beautiful state!

Lauren said...

New follower :) Very cute blog! Can't wait to read more!