Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Recap~Cotton Blossom

Is it already Sunday? This weekend flew by! The worst part? It wasn't even that busy. We watched a few movies and ran a few errands. I have a busy week ahead and we'll be busy next weekend, so it was nice to have down time.  

Friday after work I was able to high tail it to a location here in town that I knew would be a great photo opp. There is a house that sets back off of the road quite a bit and recently I got a surprise while driving by--cotton blossoms! All of a sudden the whole yard field was full of new, fluffy cotton blossoms. I'm a sucker for that type of thing, weird I know.
So, I made it back to Murfreesboro just in time after work to get a few shots of the sun setting over the the cotton field. It was great getting some practice in. Shooting the sun is a lot harder than I expected and is a whole new level for me. I realized how important practice is and that I need to get out there and try to shoot new things more often!
Saturday Ryan and I ran some errands and enjoyed the beautiful weather that we were having. While we were waiting for my car to be worked on, we walked around the square downtown and went into a few shops we had been wanting to visit, including an adorable little antique shop.
I loved seeing all of the old cast iron. I wish we had a good one.
My grandma used to have these hanging in her kitchen.
Anyone else see these a lot during their childhood?
I've had my eye out for a good old fashioned
fan to buy for a bookend or shelf piece.
I love seeing lots of the same item together :)
We stumbled upon a free admission day at our local science center so we went in and checked the place out (yup, Ryan and I are still kids at heart). They had pretty grounds behind the building, so we took a little walk too :)
Our local Petco had a vet clinic in their store this Saturday so we took advantage of the good deal. We paid almost half price for a yearly checkup with a regular vet and didn't have to deal with making an appointment or going to a vet's office. You should look into the services offered at your local Petco if you have a pet (the vet who helped us was very sweet!).
Riding in the back of the truck with the wind blowing in his hair ;)
Hanging out after the vet visit.
Last night we had a great time hanging out with our neighbors, having drinks and playing games. We really hit it off with them and we were able to meet our other neighbors that were really nice too. 
It's nice to meet people that are our 'type' Lol Being in a new town can really make it tough to find new friends :)

I'm excited about having a busy week--hopefully time will fly by! Next weekend my aunt will be in town and I'll finally get to carve pumpkins :)

Hope your weekend was fun!


Elizabeth said...

I love those pictures! Gorgeous!! I'm glad you are meeting new people - moving to a new place is always hard.

Ashley said...

Thanks Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures! & I guess that makes two of us who are a sucker for cotton blossoms!! There are fields galore around where I live and I never get tired of seeing fields of it! So glad to hear you had an enjoyable weekend :)