Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday ~ Accessories

With all of the new fall trend spotting that’s been going on lately, I’ve lost sight of the ‘little things’!  I really enjoy using accessories when I’m getting dressed up and going out, but I don’t work very many into my everyday wear. You can usually see me wearing my favorite solitaire necklace (Christmas present from Ryan!) matched with a great pair of earrings, and occasionally a cute bracelet to go with them.

I love using belts and scarves as fall accessories, so it’s no wonder I forgot to look at new fall jewelry! I like wearing a combination of girly/romantic/rustic things and I prefer soft bracelets over hard ones most days (they tend to hurt my wrist when I type at work), but I still enjoy the occasional wrist-o-bangles. I have noticed lately that my collection is dwindling and that I need to upgrade my favorite earrings to bring in the new season. I picked out a few cute ones that I’d add to my everyday pile and a couple of other things I wouldn’t mind having in my stash for dressing up :) All items under $15 each!
Classy Beaded Bangles
Found here for $8.80
Open Work Cuff bracelet
Found here for $14.99
Mosaic bracelet
Found here for $6.80
Woven Love bracelet
Found here for $3.80
Braided Chain bracelet
Found here for $4.80
Studded Wrap around bracelet
Found here for $7.80
Colorful Daisy earrings
Found here for $3.80
Knotted Stud earrings
Found here for $3.80
Cutout Rose earrings
Found here for $3.80
Triangle Earrings
Found here for $3.80
Cutout Leaf Earrings
Found here for $2.80


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I fell in love with every piece of jewelry you listed and even more in love with the fact that they all were so inexpensive!!

I love Forever 21 - thank you for posting this!
Hope you have a good day :)

Miss Lindsay said...

o0o0 I want to find those bracelets at F21!!