Wednesday, September 7, 2011

10 Day Challenge~3 Films

Wow, I'm so happy that it's already Wednesday! Just a few more days until we start another fun weekend :)

Today is films day, so I will list my 3 favorite films!

1.) Big. I love this movie and have probably seen it a million times! I wore it out when I owned it on VHS (yes, those used to be popular!) and I now have it on DVD. Speaking of which, I might have to break it out sometime soon to watch it with Ryan :)

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2.) Home Alone. I love (love LOVE) the first 2 Home Alone movies. I count down the minutes until it's appropriate to watch these movies (appropriate = cold weather). I can't get enough...I bought them last year so that I could finally watch them as much as I want!

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3.) This is a tie between My Best Friend's Wedding and The King's Speech. MBFW is an oldie that I've seen a thousand times and it hold a special place in my hears (lots of memories from my early teen-twenty something years). The King's Speech is going to be a classic though! It was moving and it tells a great story.

Who doesn't love his face?
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Mrs. Smith said...

Sorry you'll miss the meet-up! Would have been so fun to meet you.

I also LOVE My Best Friend's Wedding. Julia Roberts is one of my all-time favorites.

Ashley said...

I agree! If you guys decide to meet up again you'll have to keep me posted so I can make it :)