Friday, June 3, 2011

Nashville Skyline

As I mentioned before, I am currently job hunting...that means I've had some extra free time on my hands lately. We have been working on getting our apartment set up and I have been using this as an excuse to try my hand at some craftiness. We did a wall of miss matched (yet matchy :]) frames for the living room wall and we refinished the frame of a second hand mirror to use as well. While those are only slightly crafty, I went a step further and surprised Ryan created a Nashville skyline painting! 

It was a lot easier than I anticipated it to be! It is pretty time consuming, but well worth it (you could take breaks if needed). 

A few months ago I saw a similar project on a blog I follow and I tucked the idea away to use down the road. 
 You can see their version of the artwork over on the The Gaines Gang blog.

I purchased a 'back stapled' canvas at Michael's. It was 40% off (reg. price $17 or $18)...they are usually on sale or you can use one of their coupons.
Grab a photo you have or a image of the city you love. Free hand the lines or blow up a photo and trace. I free handed the outlines.
Trace the absolute outside lines with a sharpie.
Use black craft/acrylic paint to fill in the outlines!

I used a large brush to fill in the large parts of the canvas, and I used a 'script' brush for the detail. You will definitely need a small brush for the details/windows, etc.
Just keep trucking on! It gets a little tricky to keep the paint off of the white so you could paint the top half before you start the tracing, etc. if you want to add some extra color.

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MacKensie said...

This is really cute! Good idea!