Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Financially Responsible Post

This week we started our newest {married couple} endeavor. Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Have you ever heard of it? Several people on Instagram mentioned attending the class and loving it. Even before hearing that, we were pretty excited. Ryan has been listening to Dave Ramsey pretty much his whole life (his parents are Dave followers). I started listening to him on podcast while I lived in Louisville, and then started sporadic listening habits after moving to Nashville. Dave is actually based here in Nashville, so his radio show is on every single day It's an awesome reminder and great motivation!
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Of course we talk about our finances all of the time....a TON over the last few years, actually. "When we get married" we said! We didn't combine finances until after out big day, so it made sense to wait. Well, there we were, married and sharing finances! It was decided...we were jumping in with both all four feet.

Dave's class is about learning the ropes of budgeting, getting rid of debt, and planning for the future. We have a little experience with a few of the topics, but the last one really stood out to us. We wanted to learn how to plan for our future! We hope to start our lives off together on the right financial foot!
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The class is about managing your dollars and cents...but in reality, it's mostly about dollars and SENSE. Dave wants you to develop good common money sense and learn all about tools you can use to help yourself succeed.

Here are some of the details...
1. We spent around $100 for the materials and to sign up for an in-person class. It's already been fun to meet other couples (remember--surround yourself with people with a like mind/similar goals!) and to have 2 "coordinators" there to guide the class and help us with any questions we may have.
2. We are attending the class in a church. Dave is religious and believes that handling your money in a godly way will benefit you the most. There are things that you can take from the lessons (religious or not), and there are things that people (even our coordinators) decide they are okay doing without. We are all there to learn financially responsibility, and learning in that environment is perfectly fine with us. Plus, the church we are attending the class in is literally right across the street from our home. Funny how things like that work out...
3. We are attending one class a week, for about 2 hours each class, and the whole program lasts 9 weeks. We are set to finish the class up a week after my 25th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!
Have you ever participated in a FPU or another type of financial planning class?

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Jackie said...

I have heard about this in multiple places and people have had great success with it. It seems interesting for sure.

Kelsea said...

yep! I'm an avid Dame Ramsey follower! I listen to his show about four or five times a week. We're implementing his plan (some days are better than others) and are almost debt-free! Hope you enjoy your class! I know it will help you!

Justin Myers said...

It's good to hear that there are talks like these that teach people to be financially responsible. Bankruptcy, foreclosures, re-possessionsm, and other financial problems can be avoided with the right habits in handling money. Saving is very important, as is the value of contentment. A lot of people feel that they need to keep up with the lifestyle of people around them, and so spend on things outside of their financial means.

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