Thursday, August 8, 2013

Currently {rainy day edition}

Happy almost-Friday lovelies! This week has absolutely flown by and it's almost the weekend. I don't think I could be more excited. This weekend will be full of relaxation with the husband, wine, friends, and taking it EASY. The best combination if you ask me.
Here's my Currently list for today...

Thinking About: How true is this? Our mothers always make the best meals, and they are hard to match!
Listening To/Watching: Listening to the thunder and watching it rain. I had planned on making a short trip to the mall on my lunch break, but as soon as I said I was about to leave, it started to pour. So here I am writing a post instead.

Daydreaming About:
My birthday wish-list. There isn't a single thing I need, but I definitely wouldn't be mad about getting a few sweet things. Birthday wish-list to come....
Reading: Blog posts. I have been trying to catch up for a while now.
Thankful For: My family. Ryan and I are so blessed with the support system we have. I have no idea where we would be without them! 
Loving: My husband. The bad weather (storms, rain, yuckiness) makes for tough working conditions for him, and he's been powering through like a champ! I always feel so proud of him :) **Also loving: this quote that Lindsay posted today: "As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen." -Winnie the Pooh
Drinking: A green monster for lunch.
Enjoying: Drinking my green monster. And eating very well over the last few weeks. Yes, I still sneak in a treat here and there, but I am getting the best nutrition for my body right now and I can feel a big difference!
Feeling: Productive. I have been on a roll the last few weeks with getting things done and staying on top of my {many} to-do lists. Is it a coincidence that I started feeling more productive at the same time I started eating better? Think about it...

Contemplating: I've been mulling over my next DIY project. On the top of my list: creating a succulent terrarium! These are so cute--I would love to have some green inside our home, and we have the perfect spot of one in our living room! {Here's a short+cute DIY mason jar terrarium tutorial}
Here are a few of my fave blog posts from this week's blog catch up sesh: Be still my heart...these family pics are adorable! I live for good before and after pictures {who doesn't??). All of Sami's talk about Red Rocks makes me want to go. Like right.this.second.

What are you currently into?

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