Friday, August 23, 2013

5 on Friday {Birthday Madness}

Happy Friday lovelies. The husband and I have a super fun weekend ahead of us--hello redneck weekend! I am just counting down the seconds until work is over so we can get our butts on the road.

Know what else I'm counting down to?? My birthday! It's about a month away and I can't wait. Sidebar: when will I stop getting excited about birthdays? Ever? Do you still get super pumped? I just love celebrating (and not just my own, I love celebrating birthdays for friends and family too!).

I'm linking up with Natasha for some 5 on Friday fun birthday gift ideas for yours truly.
{P.s. Check out her post, she has some super cute washi tape ideas!}

1. Chaco Sandals Chaco sandals have been on my wish list for 3 years people. I feel like it's finally time to bite the bullet! I picked out the pixel weave pattern in the ZX2 Yampa style.
2. Fossil Watch Either of these fossil watches {option one or option two}would match the rest of my jewelry perfectly!

3. The Perfect Monogram Hat Every southern girl needs a monogram baseball hat for long summer days, fall tailgates, or sitting at the pool. I'll take one of these in Pale Caribbean with a bright pink monogram, please :)

4. Tennesee/Nashville Art I'm always on the hunt for TN or Nashville art to add to our collection. These two {honky tonks or Nashville flag} would fit perfectly in our home!

5. Time with friends and family. What would the point be of being around another if I didn't get to spend my time with my favorite people! I love my family and friends and feel like everyday to have them all in my life!


Charlotte Hayes said...

This is awesome! I love love love your blog! So glad I found it :) Following now!

<3, Charlotte

The Pink Growl said...

You guys will have an absolutely blast at Bristol! I soooo wish I was going to be up there Saturday night! Maybe next year! I just did my bday wishlist too - yay for Sept babies!

Ally {Life as I know it} said...

Love the RL monogrammed hat! Your picure of your wedding party is so cute! I just hope the people also kissing are really a couple and didn't just meet then!